SEO: the most important keywords on

Of course, as a blog owner you want your own page to be visited by as many readers as possible. Basic means for this: search engine optimization, SEO for short. It is important to know the keywords with which the own page is found. Google Analytics, which is used on this page with the overview of the search queries, helps here. The keywords for of the ...

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FreeNAS 8.0.4 iSCSI performance

My HP-N36L-NAS serves not only as a data storage for photos, but also as a storage location for virtual disk images used by VirtualBox: on my surfing and work PC is simply not enough space thanks to SSD. Since the configuration of iSCSI is already described in the FreeNAS Wiki, here are just a few performance data of my setup: It is achieved with four Hitachi ...

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My HP N36L with FreeNAS 8.0.4

So that it is clear what kind of system my FreeNAS installation runs on. Small, quiet and sufficiently powerful: HP N36L Proliant Microserver (in the meantime there is the N40L, which brings a little more CPU clock). Besides FreeNAS as operating system, Windows Homeserver or vMWare ESXi would also work (both are officially supported by the device). Now I let the video for itself ...

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Freenas 8.0.4-p2: Update brings Samba 3.6.5

Freenas has been released in version 8.0.4-p2, so there is one more version before Freenas 8.2, which then brings plugin support. The update released yesterday fixes a security vulnerability in Samba (CVE-2012-2011) and brings the CIFS server to version 3.6.5. The update is easy to perform, just download the corresponding file from Sourceforge and install it via the Freenas interface. Who ...

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Freenas 8.2 Beta 3 with new plugin structure

On April 19, the 3rd beta for FreeNAS 8.2 was released, which brings a new plugin structure. This should now remain stable, so that plugins can be used even after FreeNAS updates without adjustments. It is still not suitable for production systems, but if you want to write your own plugins, it is now time to take a closer look at it.

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Freenas 8.2.x: beta, new features, plugin system

Freenas 8.2 is currently available in a second beta version and is expected to be released in May. The main change besides the change to FreeBSD 8.2 as a base is the support of plugins, so that various software (including minidlna for media support). An upgrade from an existing Freenas 8.0.4 installation should be possible without problems, from the use of the beta version ...

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Freenas 8.0.x multimedia: Set up DLNA

Unlike Freenas 0.7.x, Freenas 8.0.x does not support DLNA. This has now changed with the "Multimedia" build. You can upgrade from regular Freenas to "Multimedia" without further ado (even if you used the same version before, e.g. from Freenas 8.0.3-p1 to 8.0.3-p1-Multimedia. Once this is done (i.e. a variant with multimedia support is running) DLNA must ...

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Nginx: Activate GZIP

To speed up the data transfer and to minimize the data transfer GZIP should be enabled for JavaScript, CSS and HTML files. By default Gzip is not enabled for all relevant mimetypes, so this should be done in nginx.conf (add in http section): gzip on; gzip_disable "MSIE [1-6]\.(?!.*SV1)"; gzip_proxied any; gzip_buffers 16 8k; gzip_types text/plain text/html text/css text/xml ...

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nginx + PHP under Debian (+ W3TC)

nginx is a fast web server that can also be used as a reverse proxy or for streaming Flash videos. Originally developed for the requirements of a Russian search engine, more and more web projects also rely on nginx. Unlike the well-known Apache web server, the configuration of nginx under Debian is not quite as simple - you still have to download files from ...

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