Bandwidth management in the home office

If you normally upload large amounts of data while away from home, you may have a problem with the cloud up-cloud or backup replication in times of home office. Similarly, family members may experience problems when they want to upload large amounts of data in parallel. To avoid this, there are various approaches to distribute the available bandwidth in the best possible way without causing bottlenecks in the home network. Traffic-Shaping By means of ...

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Mobile Adblockers on the advance

As early as 2015 with iOS 9, Apple introduced support for adblockers. Until now, adblockers have led a niche existence on mobile devices, this seems to be changing now. now reports with reference to a study by the Canadian provider Blockthrough that although the use of Adblock on the desktop is decreasing, mobile Adblocker use is increasing significantly, which practically compensates for this. According to the study, 235 million users use Adblocker on ...

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Coinbase Card: VISA Card with Bitcoins

The acceptance of Bitcoins and other crypto currencies is still manageable if you want to pay with them in a normal supermarket. The Coinbase Card wants to solve this problem and is a VISA-Debit-Card, with which you can directly access the credit in the Coinbase-Wallet. Coinbase works together with PaySafe and offers the Coinbase Card in six European countries, including Germany. Interestingly enough there is the ...

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Freenet FUNK: LTE without limit in the o2 network?

mobilcom-debitel has published an interesting offer under the brand name "Freenet FUNK": for 99 cents a day you get unlimited Internet with LTE speed. There are a few special features. The administration starting with the order is completely done via an app (for Android and iOS). Postal or video identity does not have to be carried out, all you need is your identity card number and a postal address - Freenet simply sends the SIM card by post.

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Google Photos: download all images

Anyone who uses Google Photos, for example to conveniently back up all pictures from their mobile phone, will sooner or later face the problem of downloading all pictures from Google Photos. The DSGVO has provided a simple solution here. What the basic data protection regulation (DSGVO) has to do with downloading the Google Photo archive: since Google has blocked most simple ways, Art. 20 DSGVO: the data protection regulation remains ...

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FreeNAS 11.2: new web interface & new features

After FreeNAS 10 "Corral" was a first - quickly failing - attempt to introduce a new user interface, now with FreeNAS 11.2 there is a new, AngularJS based UI. This is also optimized for mobile use. Apart from the web interface, there are a number of new features for FreeNAS 11.2, which logically continue and extend the previous development. The most important changes: FreeBSD boot-loader instead of GRUB plugins and jails will be used instead of ...

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Deutsche Telekom launches Super-Vectoring

So far the VDSL speed ends at 100 MBit/s download and 40 MBit/s upload. At least the download rate will be increased by the Telekom from August 01. 250 MBit/s download rate as well as 40 Mbit/s upload will still be possible in the new MagentaHome XL tariffs. A current router is required, e.g. the Fritz! box 7590 is suitable for the new technology. The development starts first in middle centers: Places starting from 35.000 inhabitants ...

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Nginx: Do not save IP address in log files

If you want to store as little data as possible for data protection reasons - DSGVO is the keyword - you can define an appropriate log file format. In this way, both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses are made anonymous. Unfortunately it is not possible to define a new format for the error logs - but here you can assume a legitimate interest for smooth operation even if the storage period is sufficiently short. Setting up the anonymized log files is simple: the following code is written in ...

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