Airline AirFrance/KLM wants to bring passengers together with "social seating

AirFrance/KLM wants to enrich real life with "social seating" on flights through social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook: Passengers should provide a link to their profile at check-in and then have the opportunity to sit next to someone the system has identified as a suitable person. In the corresponding message on Radio Netherlands Worldwide it is pointed out that this service offers opportunities for business pilots - but whether they prefer to have their peace of mind or want to make targeted contacts on the plane will perhaps become apparent in the coming year.

Opinion: it was only a matter of time before social networks made the leap into already familiar procedures. The idea of finding interesting seat neighbours is certainly not a bad one and may be fun to try out, but data protectionists will have their doubts, because in addition to the existing passenger data, there may be really private data transmitted.

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